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Parque Natural Señorío de Bertiz

In order to guarantee conservation, a set of obligatory rules has been established backed by a system of sanctions provided for by current nature protection legislation. There are also areas within the Park whose different characteristics mean it is necessary to observe a specific set of rules in addition to the general regulations.

The regulations are designed in order to prevent any kind of activity which may alter the landscape or its components:

* No pets or animals may enter the Park without express permission. Farming activity is also forbidden without express permission.

* No static publicity, advertising or similar may be installed in the Park. Travelling sales activities are also forbidden.

* Environmental elements, such as trees, rocks, vegetation, plants and seeds, together with any other element in the Park, must not be altered by activities which may damage or destroy them and must not be used for inscriptions, signals, signs or drawings.

* Visitors to the Park must not leave litter, waste, leftovers or dump any material whatsoever in the Park and must avoid any activity which may pollute the environment.

* The sound of nature and the peace and quiet in which its animals live and which those visiting the Park enjoy mean that the silence of the Park must not be broken.

* Do not disturb the animals in the Park in any way which may be contrived as abuse, chase or capture. Do not destroy or damage the areas of reproduction, feeding or refuge.

* No motor vehicles may be driven inside the Park.

* In order to ensure the optimum upkeep of the Park, the Department of the Environment, Land Organisation and Housing, and the Park administration reserve the right to limit public access at certain times. Likewise, they accept no responsibility for damage or injury suffered by visitors to the Señorío de Bértiz Natural Park during their stay.

For the rest of the rules and regulations, see the current Master Plan for Use and Management (PRUG).